Delicious Chocolate Chai Recipe ingredients


Chocolate Chai Recipe

Benefits of Chai

Chai tea is constantly working out in my diet, in addition to a go-to drink when I want something healthy but also energizing. Not only is it full off antioxidants, it also contains a decent dose connected with caffeine to pick everyone up C without the anxiety that come with coffee.

Chai is actually technically the Indian native word for herbal tea, but here in The us, we use the concept chai to refer to spiced, Indian-style tea. In case you go to an Indian restaurant or have the opportunity to visit India, you should also have the chance to look at Masala Chai, which is chai tea with milk, a more common drink than coffee there. In the West, almost everyone are familiar with the chai cappuccino, which is simply syrupy chai tea with steamed milk.

But I’ve got a twist upon chai tea that is absolute to satisfy your biggest special tooth cravings. Squeeze in a little chocolate, in addition to yourself a delicious chocolate bars chai that can be drank cold and hot. Trust me, this recipes is totally refreshing and might make a healthy yet light dessert.

Here’s ways to get it right-

Chocolate Chai Recipe in order to reach Your Sweet Tooth

For this chocolate chai recipe, you should utilize traditional cow’s milk or perhaps a milk alternative such as soy or almond milk products. I recommend trying almond whole milk C the nutty undertone in their flavor pairs very well with the spices of the chai tea. But any dairy alternative will perform, depending on your preference.

All in the ingredients in this formula are also raw, which suggests you’ll get the maximum dietary support from this scrumptious drink. Honey is a simple way to sweeten that drink naturally, but you can also use a tiny molasses or even raw days.

For the chai spices, you will have a few options. Determine use premade chai green teas packets or loose leaf chai tea, or you can get a little more fancy using things and use the constituents below. I like to take advantage of the fresh, raw ingredients whenever possible C again, to the health benefits.

Ingredients (makes 4 servings):