Extreme Weight Loss Techniques that are Downright Frightening


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Extreme weight loss tactics and diet plans are created to produce fast results by 50 % the time. Unfortunately, the majority of these methods are unsafe or downright alarming!

Apart from the risks and also complications, certain overwhelming weight loss treatments really don’t provide lasting benefits. When losing weight may be a struggle, some people go to extreme lengths to obtain a slimmer shape. But just how far lots of people are willing to go to shed weight? Let’s find out:

Urine Injections

This serious weight loss method includes injecting a patient which includes a shot of a pregnant woman’s urine in losing weight. The treatment is definitely unorthodox but a few patients swear by it. According to some health and fitness experts, the pee shots induce weight loss by tricking dapoxetine into thinking that one’s body is pregnant. The actual hCG in the urine triggers faster energy for efficient weight reduction. Some patients claim they have lost an average of 30 pounds within a quarter or so of taking pee shots.

Nasogastric Dripping Tube

This weight loss treatment involves hooking a patient on a feasting tube through the sinuses. The feeding television goes all the way to any stomach. A solution solution drips continuously within the tube for you to nourish the body with no actually eating something. The liquid is produced with a mix of protein, fats, and water.

This extremely unusual weight loss treatment method became popular a few years ago following reports that women were hooking them selves with feeding hoses to achieve a more shapely frame before their particular wedding. The treatment prepares food by putting the body in a ketosis state. When the person’s body is at the ketosis stage, the item burns off fat because of the lack of glucose. This treatment last for around 10 days. Patients are essential to carry around nutrient liquefied wherever they go.


A gastric banding surgery involves fitting a silicone strap on the upper portion of the stomach to reduce intake of food and induce weight-loss. Because the band reduces the amount of food that goes in the stomach, the patient is forced to eat a lot less and lose weight minus the intense hunger pangs.

For folks that do not want to go through the surgical procedure, there is an alternative: sinking hypnosis to fool the brain into thinking that a gastric wedding band is inhibiting food intake. The treatment works by placing patient in a hypnotic trance. The hypnotist can provide a convincing situation wherein the patient underwent the surgery, including the familiar clink of your surgeon’s knife and hospital smells to enhance the effect. After the process, the patient feels which his or her stomach feels tight and he or she is not able to eat a normal measure of food.

Tongue Patch

This very distressing procedure involves regular sewing a small piece of polyethylene mesh onto a patient’azines tongue. The able literally makes feeding on extremely painful, forcing a patient to stick to a low calorie, liquid diet program. Most people who understand treatment are very wanting to lose weight and “have experimented with everything” to control their food consumption.

However, health experts along with dietitians do not recommend this treatment.? Forcing one’s self to enjoy nothing but liquids may result in malnutrition, increasing the probability of chronic disease. Even worse, stitching a allow air through patch on the language is painful, unneeded, and traumatizing.