Lower Body Workout for Women


lower body workout for women

Lower Body Workout for Women

For essentially the most part, I’ve found throughout training most woman clients they want to exercise their lower physique and tone his or her butt, thighs and calves C but they’re not always sure of the best way to practice it.

The best lower physique approach really depends on your goals. If many you’re trying to accomplish is tone up along with burn fat, then your lower body workout doesn’t need for being quite as intense. Actually, in this scenario, intense cardio workouts like the stair climber can also be really handy.

If you want to build lean body mass, on the other hand, then you need for the little more serious about elements. And the benefits of extra lean muscle mass should not be taken too lightly.

First, lean muscle mass improves your body’s ability to burn fat, even when while resting. Your resting metabolic rate is dependent on your body’s percentage of muscle. So the more lean muscle you have got, the more calories and fat you can expect to burn even when that you’re sitting on the lounger! This is why many training plans have untouched traditional cardio exercise C it doesn’t have the same long term effect on your body.

Second, lean muscle mass makes your body look tighter and much more toned regardless of whether you actually eliminate any weight or simply fat. If you want to shrink your butt or receive stronger looking thighs without the flab, weight lifting for your lower bodies are the way to do it.

And the results extend beyond your thighs. In order to tone your entire body effectively, you have to physical exercise your entire body. A good lessen body workout will also enable tone up your waist and improve your over-all strength and flexibility. Remember, your lower body’s your foundation C and a more robust lower body suggests a stronger upper body!

Lower Body Workout for Women

I’ve developed a lower body workout specifically for women. Here’s what you need to do according to your own workout and fitness goals:

Burn Fat: 3 multiple 12-15 repetitions per set

Tighten & Tone: Several sets of 10-12 repetitions per set

Build Muscle & Strength: 4 teams of 8-10 repetitions per set